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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Table Legs

A couple of years ago I was wandering around a department store in town. They were closing down and had a sale. I noticed a pile of styrofoam feet piled in a corner, marked $2.00. Then I noticed a pair of legs off by themselves. I tracked down the manager. He said.."oh no..I can't sell those" After much bugging, he said " ok,ok..20 bucks. I said.."give you $10.00". I got the legs and he got me off his back.
Now if you are looking for a little attention. Just walk around a plaza carrying a pair of legs. Adults stare and move away a bit, but kids come right up and ask "What are you going to do with the legs lady?". I didn't have an answer. I just knew that I had to have them.

A friend and neighbour and I used to build lawn chairs and other wood items to sell. He had a look when I got home. "What are you going to do with the legs lady?"
By then I had an answer. "I'm going to make a table", I said.
"You can't make a table with two legs!!", he says.
I hadn't thought that far ahead, but now it was a challenge.

It's a hit!! Amazing what you can do with a little cement. People stop their cars and back up for another look and sometimes even take pictures.
My friend Tom checking out the two legged table.

Tom and his wife have moved to an apartment 50 miles away. I don't get to see them as much anymore and I miss the days spent in his garage building things. We also worked at the local school for a couple of years, teaching the kids a little wood working. Tom is always interested in any new ideas and is still always trying something new.
Right now, he's bought a heap of old golf clubs and is making them into canes. They make a novel gift for golfers.

Back to my socks.....


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