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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two Socks on One Needle

I thought I'd be away for a day but it turned out to be three days. Would you believe I sat in the hospital for over six hours while my hubby had a few tests and I didn't think to take my knitting ?? I could have had these socks all made. Sitting in a hospital with a hubby who has not had his lunch or supper, isn't feeling great and who thinks he is the only patient in the place. Who can't understand why everybody is not running around as fast as they can so that he can be out of there in less than a half hour. I could have pretended to be counting stitches and not having to look at the nurse's who glared our way every time hubby said in a very loud voice.."this is ridiculous..I'll wait another 10 minutes and I'm out of here".

It's been years since I made these socks. I had to sit for quite a while thinking of how I did it. I know I had one minor problem that I was trying to figure out back then. Maybe I've gotten older and wiser (not likely). Maybe someone out there will have some idea's for me when I get to that part. I did finally get them started though. Here's the first pic.

blurry..why can't I take pictures that aren't blurry. Get someone else to do it..Now that's a plan.


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